SlimStuderen is an organization for and by students. In addition to the products and ideal jobs we offer, SlimStuderen is open to collaborate with study and student associations and organizations.

Are you organizing an event and/or are you looking for a sponsor? Send us a clear proposal with all the possibilities, and we will see whether this matches our wishes. 

An interesting possibility is a trading agreement, in which SlimStuderen gets the possibility to exposure and your association or event gets brought to the attention of SlimStuderen's customers.

Besides sponsoring, we offer inexpensive opportunities for printing. Do you need business cards, or do you want to print flyers or posters? At very attractive prices we can deliver these products within a week. Other printed matterials can be provided as well. 

Send us an email with your ideas or requests and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Useful links for you - guides you when writing your thesis. Whether you are having trouble starting, are stuck while writing, or find it difficult to stay motivated, we always offer the guidance that meets your needs. That way, we ensure that you can graduate faster and with more fun. - offers you the opportunity to turn your thesis into an actual book. This can be handed out to everyone; family, friends and professors will be amazed.

Internships -

Renting a house -

Current partners


  • Easy online ordering
  • High-quality summaries
  • Available well before the exams
  • Order before 19:00 for same day shipping

Are you missing a summary?

Are you looking for a summary and you cannot find it on our website? Do you think that we should certainly offer summaries for your course? Let us know directly by sending an email to We will take all suggestions into consideration.

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